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Introductory presentation and Panel 3: Policy of Net0Biomass

Jasminka Young

Jasminka Young is co-founder and a program director of RES Foundation. Her engagement is focused on the multidimensional areas of energy transition including governance, planning, innovation, socio-economic and gender aspects. She has been working in the development and sustainability transitions filed for nearly 20 years. Earlier in her career she worked with the Government of Serbia, the OEBS and the UNDP where she was covering the regional cooperation and the EU integration process. More recently, she served as a Head of the UN Resident Coordinator’s Office. During this time, she led the preparation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals Cooperation Framework signed between the UN and the Government of Serbia that integrates all sustainable development goals throughout different policy sectors. She holds a BSc (hons) from Faculty of Geography, University of Belgrade, and two MSc degrees: in European Politics and Policies from KU Leuven and in Management and Business from the Faculty of Economics, Finance and Administration. Finally, she was engaged as a doctoral researcher at the Public Governance Institute, KU Leuven. She published research in highly ranked journals such as the Journal of Cleaner Production, Environmental Innovations and Societal Transitions, Energy Research and Social Science. She is the author of the book The application of the EU environmental standards in Serbian economy.