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Panel 1: Knowledge of Net0Biomass

Dušan Jović

Graduated Forestry Engineer (MSc equivalent), with 30 years of experience in forestry, nature protection, wood industry, administration, project management.

For 20 years, he worked as a consultant in the administration, from the Federal Government, to engagement in various ministries (environmental protection, agriculture, etc.). He performed tasks in the field of international relations and international cooperation of the Republic of Serbia and international institutions and processes.

Present in the field of bioenergy-wood biomass for 15 years, with active participation in numerous domestic and international conferences, congresses and workshops, national coordinator of several national and international projects in the field of wood biomass, and contributions to studies at the national and regional level in the subject area, but also more broadly, in the related context of forestry, energy, environment and the functioning of the ESCO system.

As the director of the representative office of the American company E3 International, he actively works to improve the situation in the field of bioenergy, as well as to implement projects in the field of energy efficiency, biomass use, and the implementation of activities in the field of energy transition, just transition and the EU Green Agenda.